Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Ok so I've been on a hunt for Milani "One Coat Glitters" and had NO luck.  But thanks to the AWESOME PR of Milani I got some of them in the mail to review!  I have four colors for you tonight:  Blue Flash, Purple Gleam, Silver Dazzle and Gold Glitz.  ***These all applied like a DREAM.  The only one that was a little thick was the blue and I think that was because the lid was cracked in shipping and it leaked a little bit.  Nothing major though.  No red glitter in the pack though. I would have LOVED to try that one. Anyone know where I can get it??

First up we have Blue Flash.  Hubby said after looking at the color wheels that he thought it looked like Absolutely Alice, but after it went on it was different.  It was a amazing looking TRUE blue.  Love it.

Next up I have Purple Gleam.  This is a super pretty purple w/ some black flecks.  This went on really well too.  No complaints here :)

Next we have Silver Dazzle.  This was a lot darker than I thought it was going to be.  It's super pretty and I don't have anything else like it.  It went on really smooth.  One thing I like about these Milani's is that they are NOT gritty.

Last but not least I have Gold Glitz.  I don't normally dig gold stuff.  When I opened the package from Milani I was dissapointed the gold was there.  It was SUPER cute on though!  I think it would be really good for Christmas time, being that it has really nice gold and red flecks as well...

So overall these were really fun and I love the colors!  None of them were goopy, or gritty...two very important things to me when it comes to glitter polishes.  I will be buying more of these when I can find them around here! 

Tonight I am wearing Milani 3D High Res Holographic polish.  I figured I'd round out the group with a Milani I already had that hasn't been worn too often.  Sometimes when I'm feeling "blank" I will ask hubby to pick a color from my color wheels and this is what he went for this time :)  Thank you Mr. Semi Obsessed, xoxo.

I will have pictures of the High Res tomorrow.  I want to take them outside in the sun, so we can see the holo-ness of it!

***These were sent to me by Milani for review.


  1. I picked up the purple - I thought it applied so differently than most glitters! It must be the secret formula for one coat glitter :)

  2. I liked the blue the best which surprised me. I LOVE purple but the blue really looked pretty when it was done!

  3. So, how exactly do you get on a polish company's list for product review?

  4. Jennifer- The PR department contacted me :)

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