Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cherry Blossoms

I kept seeing Cherry Blossom designs on line and meant to do them over and over and kept forgetting!  I am not that great with free hand art so I was a bit scared lol.  I decided to try it on my nail wheel first to see if I could do it.  It turned out decent so I did my accent nails only with the blooms.  This is 2 coats of China Glaze "For Audrey" over my Sally Hansen clear for a base coat.  My cherry blossoms were done with  LA Colors "Black" striper, Sally's "Fuschia Power", LA Colors "Light Pink" and "White".  As always, topped with Seche Vite.  I think they turned out ok. 

I have a lady I work with who LOVES to see what I did with my nails all the time.  Every day I walk in and she grabs my hand to see what todays mani is lol.  She and I are both off on the weekends, so when I take my pictures of my Sat/Sun mani's I then have to show her on my phone lol 

I've decided because of working so much overtime I am going to schedule my posts on the weekends to be posted thru-out the week, so that I'm not just uploading a weeks worth of stuff all on one day...We shall see how this goes. 


  1. it's simple but so clever & beautiful ; i love it (:

  2. Thank you Toyomi! I love it, wanted to try all of my fingers, but I figured I'd stick w/ just my accent nails for now :)