Monday, April 25, 2011

Super Quick!

Heading to bed, but wanted to post todays pictures.  I SO tried to get pictures in the sun, but....there was NONE.  Today I'm wearing Orly's "Royal Navy" topped with two coats of Northern Lights Holo Top Coat. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Ok, so I'm a horrible slacker!  I have been taking pictures so I'm not with out a large update today!  I wore my Easter mani on Monday last week so no change then...Tuesday I wanted to do a Bumble Bee mani...

I wore ChG "For Audrey" for all but my thumb and Ulta "Sun-Sational on my thumb.  I used WnW black for the dots and the stamp on the thumb...The For Audrey of course went on amazing.  2 coats, followed by Seche Vite.  Sun-Sational went on with no streaks this time and I used 2 coats.  I used 2 rhinestones for the eyes on my bee with a coat of Seche Vite to hold them on...

Wednesday, I rocked out some pink of course...I did WnW Craze "Lust".  I had to do about 4 coats to get rid of VNL.  It was ALMOST frosty on me which eh I'm not wild about...I followed this up w/ 2 coats of my NEW top coat...SH Insta-Dry in the red bottle.  I dig this stuff just like my SV and it's 1/2 the price.

Onto Thursday!  I wore ChG "DV8" because we had SEMI sunny weather.  I did 2 coats of this super pretty polish.  It was no where near as streaky as GOSH.  I finished up with again, a coat of SH Insta-Dry. 

Friday, Earth Day I did Greenwich Village from OPI but I totally forgot pictures.  I've worn it before so I guess it slipped my mind.  Saturday I kept it on because it was a cleaning day...Before bed last night I did a Easter mani that was EXACTLY like last weeks but I did a sun on one hand instead of flowers on both.

Whew!  Now, onto tomorrow...I'm wearing Orly "Royal Navy" with a Northern Lights holo top coat.  I did 2 coats of each.  I want to get SUN pictures tomorrow so none tonight!  I am going to show you my updated stash picture tho!  As of last count (not including tops, bases, clears, or treatments...I'm at 189...

And for the last picture...a picture of my little princess Bella...aka Bumble Bee Tuna, aka Tiny, aka B-Bert aka about another 50 names lol

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Normally Sophie Sunday...

I can't believe I'm almost at 50 followers!  How fun!  Thank you all for following me, hard to believe my first follower was my hubby Mr Semi Obsessed aka Chris.  :)

So today Sophie is NOT picking my mani.  She has decided that since we are going to hubbys grandmas for dinner that I should do Easter.  Soooo I listened to my Pekepoo :)  I am posting yesterdays mani as promised...but sadly nothing inspired me to add to it like I said I would.  Good news is hubby found a card reader that I can plug into my laptop and use THOSE pictures instead of loading up my iPhone with them lol.  I am now over 600 pictures on my phone because of my nails!  Todays pictures are still with the phone pictures because I haven't taken any new pictures yet!

Yesterdays mani was as I said WnW Black with Pure Ice "Cheatin'" over it.  Super cute, but chipped the next day? 

Todays mani is my Easter one...which I'm sure I'll be doing another next Sunday when we do Easter with my side of the family.  Let me think of all the colors I used lol  Piggy Polish "Day Lillies and Music", Essie "Nice is Nice" and "French Affair", ChG "Lemon Fizz", Hard Candy "Sky" were the base colors.  For accents I used 2 stripers, White and Black from Art Deco and then the orange was Kiss Nail Art "Neon Orange".  The flowers were ChG "Flip Flop Fantasy" and "Towl Boy Toy".  The stems were Art Deco Green.  Whew!  I think that's it!  Wait, I was wrong lol  The bunny ears and nose were Kiss Nail Art "Bikini Pink".

Hope you enjoyed! 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

So I'm a slacker lol

I hate working so many hours and then being too tired to update my blog.  I take pictures all the time, but I don't get to load them on the blog!  I NOW have Thursdays, Fridays and today's mani for you! 

Wednesday night when I was leaving work I asked Mike who I work with to pick a color, not a certain brand or name because he doesn't know all those lol  He said DARK blue.  I asked if glitter was ok, and he said JUST A LITTLE lol.  Apparently he knows me too well.  I went with Zoya "Indigo" for Thursday.  I coulda gotten away with 1 coat but eh, I always double coat.  I started with SH Clear, 2 coats of Indigo, and topped with SV. 

I only have one picture of her because the others turned out super blurry.  I really need to get a light box or something...

Yesterdays mani was picked by hubby.  He picked "Into the Limelight" by ChG.  This took me a little while to do because of the layering...I started with SH Clear, a layer of NYC White, 4 coats of Into the Limelight, a coat of SV and then hubby said White Crack would be I only did it on my accent nails because I wasn't sure how it would look...

Today's mani is still a work in progress I've since decided while typing this up.  Right now I have WnW Black covered by Pure Ice "Cheatin'".  I think I may do something to it though still...I will post more later :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On Wednesdays...

I went with what I THOUGHT was a pink today...When I got to work and saw it in the light, I think it was more orange...Today I wore Orly "Terracotta".  It went on like a dream and I ALMOST got away with one coat.  I did two because of VNL.  I finished with a top of Seche Vite. 

HUGE Give-a-Way!

Remember to go to Kayla's Blog for her HUGE 500 follower Give-A-Way!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mommas Boy Monday!

Ok, today I have 2 mani's to show you!  I have Momma's boy Monday and a extra Sunday mani.  I wore Apple but then since it was nice out I switched to ChG "LOL" and wore that while we had some sun, FINALLY!  This went on rather streaky but it's totally worth it to be able to see the holo-ness!  I did a "holo sandwich", base coat, LOL, top coat, LOL, top coat, and finally another LOL layer. 

Monday I went to my trusty dog Lucky aka Mommas Boy to pick my color.  He ended going with Essie "Dive Bar" and SH "Blue Away"...he took the jelly bean from both of them and I didn't see which one he went with so I asked hubby to narrow it down, and he picked the SH.  This InstaDry applied AMAZING and I ALMOST got away with one coat...BEAUTIFUL!  Topped with SV of course!  I applied a layer of ELF "Twinkle" too...

I just did my Tuesday nails tonight which I'll post tomorrow, hoping to get SUN pictures!!!  It's awfully pretty and if there IS sun tomorrow, I have a feeling I'll be staring at them when I'm driving lol

Off to bed because OT makes me sleepy!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sophia Sunday!

After last weeks "Mommas Boy Monday" I decided it was only fair to give Sophie a day of her own as well.  Sophia is a Daddys Girl but she did help pick out Mommas nail polish after some persuasion with Jelly Beans lol.  She picked Zoya "Apple" which is an untried!  This is Sophie Mo!

I used 3 coats of Apple after a base of SH Clear.  The polish went on amazing just like all my other Zoyas.  The shimmer in this polish is awesome and I'm glad I got this polish during the BOGO sale Zoya had. 

Excuse my horrible looking cuticles this was before I realized I was a bit sloppy with the Seche Vite lol.

The last thing I have to show you is my mini haul from yesterday.  Hubby and I were going to get groceries and he pulled into Sallys parking lot...I saw him put the 15% off coupon in my purse earlier and thought "hmm..." lol.  Sallys is doing their B2G1 free sale right now so I don't think I did that much damage!  I got ChG "In the Lime Light", "Lemon Fizz" and then Orly "Terracotta".  I also picked up a 32 oz remover as well.  We then went into Target and got SH "Blue Away", thanks to Chloe's review of it lol.  Later last night I realized we were almost out of TP so I ran to Walmart...and got NOPI "Me + Blue" thanks to hubbys...whining?  hubbys trickery?  lol  He made me do it!  I swear!  No, really, you can ask him lol

Also, hubby made a comment to me about a blog that he saw that the girl was trying to NOT go over 30 polishes in a month because there are 30 days in that month...his goal is TO go over 30 in a month! lol  I'm at 20 polishes this month alone and it's only the 10th!  Man...It's all his fault!  :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Give-a-ways and manis!

Ok, so first up is A Polished Life's give-a-way!  Check out what you could win!  Holy Cow!  First of all, one of my biggest lemmings, but much more!

Now for manis!  First up was yesterdays mani, which was Milani Neon "Pink Rocks" with OPI BS over it.  The Neon applied awesome but this was 3 coats but I probably could have done 4 or 5.  VNL was obvious to me.  I ended up putting BS on all my nails before work because the VNL was irking me.  Pink Rocks was not streaky, or anything, went on smooth.  Only complaint was how almost sheer it was.

Todays mani was actually inspired by Katrina!  I saw her mani HERE and decided to try it.  I did it EXACLTY how she had it, but felt I needed more.  So below is what I came up with.  I used a ton of polish for this, let me list everything.  NYC "French White Tip", Kiss Nail Art "Beach Green" LA Colors Art Deco "Green", Ulta "Blue Streak" Hard Candy "Sky", Kiss Nail Art "Beach Yellow", ChG "Flip Flop Fantasy", Jesses Girl "Beach Baby".  Whew, I think thats it.  Hope you like :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Another AMAZING give-a-way!

Make sure you go register for Over the Taupes  give-a-way!  It's got LOTSA good stuff in it!  More tomorrow w/ pictures of manis!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

On Wednesdays...a day behind :)

Ok, so I DID join the "On Wednesdays We Wear Pink", buuuuuuut I was too tired to post last night after a 12 hour shift.  So today, you get Wednesdays and Thursdays manis!

Wednesday I went with OPI Charged Up Cherry.  I almost got away with one coat but there was just a TAD bit of VNL.  Another coat and then Seche Vite of course.  Charged Up Cherry went on amazingly.  No streaks, no bald spots, no brush strokes.  I was reminded again why I love OPI.  It was a really really dark pinky color. 

Today I again drew a blank on what to use on my nails...So I grabbed 5 untried, and did a number elimination game with hubby lol.  Ended up with Essie Aruba Blue.  This was SOOO pretty alone but I couldn't leave it with out glitter because it's been a few days with no glitter lol.  I used NYC Starry Silver Glitter over it. 

The Essie went on great.  Again almost could get away with one coat.  I'm a little light handed on my left hand so I had to do 2 coats on both.  The formula on these Essie's are awesome, and I can't believe I never had any of them until about 2 months ago.  I will use this polish again for sure. 

Starry Silver Glitter I've used before and I guess I never realized it had a pinkish purple glitter in there too!  Super pretty, but still not as good as my lemming DL Glitter in the Air lol

One last thing before I get ready for work...The awesome Jamie from Milani sent me some of the polishes I have been looking for EVERYWHERE.  I really wanted to try their Neons as well as Pink Out as I'm getting ready to get in the tub today the door bell rings and I see a Fex Ex guy driving away...look what I got!

Yaaaaaa for Milani.  I adore their one coat glitters so I'm sure these will be just as amazing.  I've been looking for a green/teal like this for a while!  Well, I'm off to get ready for work now! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ok, so I forgot the most important part of my last post!

I totally forgot to put a picture of Lucky/Momma's Boy!  Hubby pointed that out to me tonight lol  Here he is!

Zoya Love

Todays mani is brought to you by the letter Z, Z is for ZOYA, who makes amazing polishes :)  Last night I asked hubby to pick any color, he went with purple...debated between Mira, Kieko and some ChG's.  Mira won out by hubby picking it. 

Mira went on great, just like all my other Zoya polishes do.  I COULD have gotten away with one coat but I always do two.  Mira is a deep rich purple that is super pretty.  There was no streakiness, no brush stroke marks, and it has a really pretty shine to it.  I started with SH Clear, 2 coats of Mira and a coat of OPI quick dry top. 

I had to post this give-a-way as well, 100 bottles!  Can you imagine!?  Check out Nail Fanatic's Blog for her give-a-way that ends in May!

Also, one last picture...this is regarding Momma's Boy Monday.  I thought I'd introduce you to Momma's Boy :)  This is Lucky, my love.  He is going to be 10 this year going on 2, lol.  He is such a lover and is my snuggle buddy.  We got him when he was a puppy when we lived in Iowa.  He is just the SWEETEST dog ever :)  I <3 him beyond words!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mommas Boy Monday...

Good afternoon lovely readers!  Hubby suggested I do a day of the week mani for our dogs, as some do already, or with their cats lol  Lucky is my dog, so no days of the week start with L, but hubby calls him Mommas Boy all the time soooo thats close enough!  So from now on, we have Mommas Boy Mondays!  Hubby put about 6 bottles down for Lucky to choose from, and whichever he knocked over first is what I went with, sooooo today I am sporting ChG Flip Flop Fantasy :)

This went on SO good!  It was smooth and creamy with NO application issues.  FFF is really sheer so I did have to do 3 coats, but that is ok with me because I ADORE the outcome.  I did realize after seeing it that I need to start tanning lol  There was NO streakiness and it did dry a bit matte, so of course I showed my dying bottle of Seche Vite some more love and slapped that on as well. 

Hubby and I went to a mall and to dinner yesterday and stopped in at a dusty that I've probably walked by 50 times in this mall.  The first time we went past it I said "nahh, they probably don't sell...".  On the way out hubby told me to just pop in, and who would have guessed?  A HUGE table with FOR SALE on it lol  I started looking through the stuff and then hubby goes "Babe, look, silver caps!"  Eeeeeeeee!  I started shaking because I'm that big of a goober lol.  They had most of the ChG OMG collection!  I picked up IDK and DV8.  They had more, but ugh, I had just bought 4 other bottles at Sally's and Ulta...I will be back after pay day lol.  I ALMOST got L8R G8R but put it back, so when I was checking out the lady said to me, "You didn't get the green, the green is so pretty!".  Sooooo, yea, told her I'll be back after pay lol.  I'm trying to decide of I should get a OMG or not because I have GOSH Holo and they are pretty much the same, BUT GOSH is not selling their holo anymore so I may grab it...

As I said, I also went to Ulta with my 20% off coupon, and stopped in at Sally's for their B2G1.  I picked up OPI Charged up Cherries at Ulta thanks to hubby...every time we go to Ulta he picks up one bottle and goes "I really like this one..." and it's CuC lol.  I also got some eyeliner.  We then went to Sallys where I got ChG Flip Flop Fantasy, Sun Worshipper, and Purple Panic thanks to the suggestion of Katie W who commented to me about good neons from ChG.

Hope you enjoyed! 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Love my post man! lol

Ok so yesterday my Zoya BOGO order arrived!  The main thing I wanted was the ModMatte set.  I also liked Apple.  Sooooo, my plan was B2G2 free.  No, hubby had other plans lol.  I got my 4 I wanted, PLUS 4 more!  So I also go Kieko, Breezi, Areej, and Mira on TOP of Phoebe, Lolly, Mitzi and Apple. 

Aren't the PRETTY!?!!?  I love 'em!  So when they came I couldn't decide what to do but I KNEW I wanted to use the ModMattes.  I really don't like Mattes but these colors were too fun to pass!  I decided to do a skittles with them, and top coat after.  Below is a coat of SH Clear, 2 coats of the Mattes followed by a coat of Seche Vite.  Hubby tells me I need to be more descriptive in my reviews/thoughts on the polish so I will try :P lol

Mitzi is a pretty neon-ish more green than yellow color.  It was super streaky to put on.  Now I'm not sure if this is how Matte polishes are, because this is my first Matte collection.  I do know that yellows usually pose a problem for most of us being streaky so who knows.  I did 2 coats of her and she turned out super cute.  No bubbles, no lumps or anything.  She went on really good other than the streaks, which was fixed after it's 2nd coat.

Lolly is a fun deep hot pink color.  She didn't streak nearly as bad as Mitzi so I'm going to assume Mattes are a little bit harder to apply because she DID have a small streaking problem.  After her 2nd coat you couldn't see any bald spots though. 

Phoebe has a bit of shimmer to her which I love.  She again, went on a bit streaky.  After swatching her I realized she almost matches ChG Towel Boy Toy, which also went on Matte for me.  I do love this color though!  After top coating her she looked even more amazing.

So I'm happy with my purchase of this collection over all.  My next quest is for NEONS.  REAL neons, I'd like a orange, green, pink, blue and maybe a purple.  I have a yellow already.  Any suggestions all?