Sunday, April 3, 2011

Love my post man! lol

Ok so yesterday my Zoya BOGO order arrived!  The main thing I wanted was the ModMatte set.  I also liked Apple.  Sooooo, my plan was B2G2 free.  No, hubby had other plans lol.  I got my 4 I wanted, PLUS 4 more!  So I also go Kieko, Breezi, Areej, and Mira on TOP of Phoebe, Lolly, Mitzi and Apple. 

Aren't the PRETTY!?!!?  I love 'em!  So when they came I couldn't decide what to do but I KNEW I wanted to use the ModMattes.  I really don't like Mattes but these colors were too fun to pass!  I decided to do a skittles with them, and top coat after.  Below is a coat of SH Clear, 2 coats of the Mattes followed by a coat of Seche Vite.  Hubby tells me I need to be more descriptive in my reviews/thoughts on the polish so I will try :P lol

Mitzi is a pretty neon-ish more green than yellow color.  It was super streaky to put on.  Now I'm not sure if this is how Matte polishes are, because this is my first Matte collection.  I do know that yellows usually pose a problem for most of us being streaky so who knows.  I did 2 coats of her and she turned out super cute.  No bubbles, no lumps or anything.  She went on really good other than the streaks, which was fixed after it's 2nd coat.

Lolly is a fun deep hot pink color.  She didn't streak nearly as bad as Mitzi so I'm going to assume Mattes are a little bit harder to apply because she DID have a small streaking problem.  After her 2nd coat you couldn't see any bald spots though. 

Phoebe has a bit of shimmer to her which I love.  She again, went on a bit streaky.  After swatching her I realized she almost matches ChG Towel Boy Toy, which also went on Matte for me.  I do love this color though!  After top coating her she looked even more amazing.

So I'm happy with my purchase of this collection over all.  My next quest is for NEONS.  REAL neons, I'd like a orange, green, pink, blue and maybe a purple.  I have a yellow already.  Any suggestions all?


  1. I think China Glaze made some bright neons. I'm not very familiar with CG (I just recently purchased my first ones), but I've seen them at my beauty supply store. Just a suggestion!
    Glad you were able to get some great Zoya's in their BOGO. I only purchased Mira and Faye because it seemed like a lot of the others were dupes for OPIs I already had. Enjoy your new Zoya's!

  2. Katie! Thank you! I bought some of the ChG you were talking about.

    Mira is amazing looking, love her! Hope you enjoy your newbies as well ;)

  3. I'm kinda ambivalent about this Zoya collection but you got a nice ring! I love diamonds!