Saturday, April 16, 2011

So I'm a slacker lol

I hate working so many hours and then being too tired to update my blog.  I take pictures all the time, but I don't get to load them on the blog!  I NOW have Thursdays, Fridays and today's mani for you! 

Wednesday night when I was leaving work I asked Mike who I work with to pick a color, not a certain brand or name because he doesn't know all those lol  He said DARK blue.  I asked if glitter was ok, and he said JUST A LITTLE lol.  Apparently he knows me too well.  I went with Zoya "Indigo" for Thursday.  I coulda gotten away with 1 coat but eh, I always double coat.  I started with SH Clear, 2 coats of Indigo, and topped with SV. 

I only have one picture of her because the others turned out super blurry.  I really need to get a light box or something...

Yesterdays mani was picked by hubby.  He picked "Into the Limelight" by ChG.  This took me a little while to do because of the layering...I started with SH Clear, a layer of NYC White, 4 coats of Into the Limelight, a coat of SV and then hubby said White Crack would be I only did it on my accent nails because I wasn't sure how it would look...

Today's mani is still a work in progress I've since decided while typing this up.  Right now I have WnW Black covered by Pure Ice "Cheatin'".  I think I may do something to it though still...I will post more later :)

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