Monday, April 4, 2011

Mommas Boy Monday...

Good afternoon lovely readers!  Hubby suggested I do a day of the week mani for our dogs, as some do already, or with their cats lol  Lucky is my dog, so no days of the week start with L, but hubby calls him Mommas Boy all the time soooo thats close enough!  So from now on, we have Mommas Boy Mondays!  Hubby put about 6 bottles down for Lucky to choose from, and whichever he knocked over first is what I went with, sooooo today I am sporting ChG Flip Flop Fantasy :)

This went on SO good!  It was smooth and creamy with NO application issues.  FFF is really sheer so I did have to do 3 coats, but that is ok with me because I ADORE the outcome.  I did realize after seeing it that I need to start tanning lol  There was NO streakiness and it did dry a bit matte, so of course I showed my dying bottle of Seche Vite some more love and slapped that on as well. 

Hubby and I went to a mall and to dinner yesterday and stopped in at a dusty that I've probably walked by 50 times in this mall.  The first time we went past it I said "nahh, they probably don't sell...".  On the way out hubby told me to just pop in, and who would have guessed?  A HUGE table with FOR SALE on it lol  I started looking through the stuff and then hubby goes "Babe, look, silver caps!"  Eeeeeeeee!  I started shaking because I'm that big of a goober lol.  They had most of the ChG OMG collection!  I picked up IDK and DV8.  They had more, but ugh, I had just bought 4 other bottles at Sally's and Ulta...I will be back after pay day lol.  I ALMOST got L8R G8R but put it back, so when I was checking out the lady said to me, "You didn't get the green, the green is so pretty!".  Sooooo, yea, told her I'll be back after pay lol.  I'm trying to decide of I should get a OMG or not because I have GOSH Holo and they are pretty much the same, BUT GOSH is not selling their holo anymore so I may grab it...

As I said, I also went to Ulta with my 20% off coupon, and stopped in at Sally's for their B2G1.  I picked up OPI Charged up Cherries at Ulta thanks to hubby...every time we go to Ulta he picks up one bottle and goes "I really like this one..." and it's CuC lol.  I also got some eyeliner.  We then went to Sallys where I got ChG Flip Flop Fantasy, Sun Worshipper, and Purple Panic thanks to the suggestion of Katie W who commented to me about good neons from ChG.

Hope you enjoyed! 


  1. that color is gorgeous with your skin tone :)

  2. Hello my name is chris and I'm an enabler. Lol. I still say we buy all the omg's they had for your fellow polish junkies who can't get their hands on them and for a possible give away....