Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Zoya Love

Todays mani is brought to you by the letter Z, Z is for ZOYA, who makes amazing polishes :)  Last night I asked hubby to pick any color, he went with purple...debated between Mira, Kieko and some ChG's.  Mira won out by hubby picking it. 

Mira went on great, just like all my other Zoya polishes do.  I COULD have gotten away with one coat but I always do two.  Mira is a deep rich purple that is super pretty.  There was no streakiness, no brush stroke marks, and it has a really pretty shine to it.  I started with SH Clear, 2 coats of Mira and a coat of OPI quick dry top. 

I had to post this give-a-way as well, 100 bottles!  Can you imagine!?  Check out Nail Fanatic's Blog for her give-a-way that ends in May!

Also, one last picture...this is regarding Momma's Boy Monday.  I thought I'd introduce you to Momma's Boy :)  This is Lucky, my love.  He is going to be 10 this year going on 2, lol.  He is such a lover and is my snuggle buddy.  We got him when he was a puppy when we lived in Iowa.  He is just the SWEETEST dog ever :)  I <3 him beyond words!


  1. helps if you actually post a picture of the gap toothed hillbilly....

  2. My goodness...that is large pile on nail polish