Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Yaaaa!  I'm excited!  I now have 10 followers :)  I'm not sure how you girls get so many followers on your blog, so if anyone has any hints, please share them!  I post VERY rarely on MUA so I'm not sure if you are allowed to post your blog site on there or not...if so I'd love to.  Annnnnnyways...

Yesterday I wore Funky Fingers "Erin" and I loved it!  It went on really good and surprisingly it came off wonderfully as well!  I didn't even have to foil 'em off.  I was at Five Below with my hubby and saw a tub of not so cute green colors with one BEAUTIFUL bottle of Erin sitting on top and thankfully he saw it!  At first I was looking for Blitzen after seeing it online with no luck, so I was bummed.  Hubby grabbed Erin and said "what about this one?".  At first I wasn't thinking I was gonna get her but after seeing her AMAZING name, I had to ;).  This polish was nice and smooth after a top of SV. 

Today I am wearing the rest of my Sally Hansen Salon Effects on all 10 nails.  Last time I wore them ONLY as an accent nail, and didn't realize you have to use them quickly after opening the foil pack, so I lost the rest of them :(  There are 8 of them in a foil pack so this time I cut them in 1/2 to get all 10 nails lol  They went on smooth and a top coat of SV finished it off.  I love this print and I do think I'll try more of them, but they are a little costly and 8.00-9.00 a set for only 2 mani's.  I'd like to try the black and white flowered one.  Debating if I wanna leave these girls on for a while since they are kinda expensive...Guess we shall see!

Have a good night ya'll and make sure you go to Nail Addicts Anonymous and register for their give-a-way!  It is AMAZING! 

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