Monday, March 14, 2011


Yaaaaa for Give-a-ways!  Make sure you register for these girls! 

Ok, now onto polish! 

Yesterday I did Ulta Sun-Sational.  It was SO smooth.  Usually I have problems w/ Yellows.  This went on AWESOME.  I did my base-coat, 2 coats of the Ulta, and a top-coat of SV. 

Today I wore Ulta Capri Coral.  Again, went on like a dream.  ALMOST coulda gotten away with only one coat, but I did two.  Again, base-coat, two of the Ulta and a top-coat of SV.

As you can see my nails are almost nubbins.  I caught my one nail in the drawer at work and one by one they started breaking :(  Sooooo, we are now nubs.  Boooo.  They will grow back so I'm ok lol

Hope you all have an amazing night!

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