Thursday, March 10, 2011's like crack...wait it IS crack...

Ok, I gotta stop using this stuff so much lol.  Tonight is SH Celeb City w/ China Glaze Broken Hearted over it.  This came out really good.  I did 1 coat of Celeb City, this stuff coats good.  Did a coat of SV to help speed things up.  One coat of Broken Hearted.  Followed up by another coat of SV.  I'm debating what to do tonight...not quite sure yet.  I am working like crazy, usually 12 hr days.  Then I work both days off this week, so ehhh, drawing blanks on inspiration...guess we will see what I'll come up w/.  Imma head to Make Up Alley to see if I get any ideas :)


  1. Great nails, and great jewelry!

  2. That looks so cool!! I'm your newest follower! I found you through the Zoya blog discussion page!

    ~ Di

  3. Katie-thank you! I love my bracelet...and my polish lol Hubby started me w/ this bracelet from Helzberg :)

    Di-Awesome! Thank you follwing me! I went to your blog as well :)