Sunday, March 27, 2011

25 Random Things...
1. I actually love my job now.  My co-workers rock.  I love working with Kalee, Krista, Mike M, Teleatha, Nina, Brina, Will, Rachel, Jen, Jen, Dusty, Chris, Michelle, Patrick, Deanna, Kim, Shawn, Mike L, and I could name 10 more prolly!
2. I have 6 tattoos, and some piercings. One of the tattoos I wish would go away and I'm working on that!
3. I think I have a nail polish obsession lol. Now that I know MUA and the blog world I feel better about it!!!
4. I have the most amazing Dad in the world.  Lots of people say it but until you meet MINE you have no idea :)
5. I hate coffee.  I love hot chocolate w/ vanilla creamer in it tho!
6. I am in business casual 5 days a week and actually don't mind it.  But I do love my hoodie weekends!!!
7.  I am ADDICTED to my iPhone.   I will turn around and go home if I forget it.
8. I hate feet. Mine or anyone else's.  Ugh.
9. I love sparkly things. Cheap ones, expensive ones.  Shoes.  Purses.  Nail polish.  Bracelets.  My glasses.   Shirts.
10.  I work too much.  I had 113 hrs on my last check. Good thing I love my job huh lol.
11. I hate getting up early.  Hate it.
12. I love my car.  My little Ion rocks and I wish Saturn still made cars :(.  Sammy (the car) will be paid off in Oct!
13. I love guacamole.  I had never tried it til a few months ago at work.  Chipotles is the best.
14. I think I see things in the bed room after I get super sleepy. Like birds flying around or shadows.
15. I am part of 2 different committees at work.  Weekly meetings are so fun with the groups!
16. I wish I was taller. I'm only 5 foot tall.  I'd be happy with 5 foot 3 inches!
17. I want to go back to Jamaica. Badly.
18. My feet are turning to prunes lol. I've been in the tub for an hour.
19. I need to start tanning again. I know its bad for you but it makes me feel good.
20. I will one day have a BRAND new car.
21. I hate cold weather. It makes me hurt.  I love summer and would love to be in 80 degree weather every day!
22. I have a super dry scalp.  I hate it. It itches and hurts sometimes too.
23. I hate cleaning. But I love mowing the yard.
24. I have the most awesome guardian angels. I have 2 of em.  One who is my grandpa who told a psychic to tell me to slow down driving and enjoy life.  The other one is a girly girl who wishes I'd spend more time on myself and not only taking care of others.
25. I believe Lucky was sent to me.  He's one of my soul mates.  This dog has been there for me thru everything and I adore him <3

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