Thursday, January 13, 2011

Where can I find a woman like that....

Jessie's Girl...

Today I  have for you Jessie's Girl "Glee".  One, I adore it b/c it looks like Charla and I've wanted Charla for a while...2 it's named Glee!  :)  The color went on amazing as the others of this brand have done for me.  I did two coats...probably should have done 3.  You can still see a bit of VNL.  I'm debating on adding something.  I don't know what though. 

Speaking of Charla, I'm still waiting for my Zoya's to arrive from the special they did on Facebook.  I ordered Freja, Gilda, and South Beach Ice.  I don't even remember what they looked like so I'll be suprised when they get here! 

Last night I purchased a correction pen from Walmart, Onyx brand.  LOVE it.  I used it today for the first time and it worked great. 

One last thing before pictures.  I went through my phone today and found quite a few pictures of my nails.  I'm going to load 'em here...Please be kind, some were before I got better at my clean up lol

Todays Mani first!

Ooooh something else I forgot...apparently my brain is fried on my day off lol.  Last night I did a foil removal of my "Happy Birthday" mani.  It helped SO much!  I suggest you try it for those Lippmann's and other "look amazing but horrible to get off" manis!

This next mani is my moms from New Years Eve.  She NEVER does her nails b/c she works in a warehouse, but also she swears her nails "can't breathe" with polish **insert eyeroll** lol

Next mani is my Christmas one.  This took me a LONG time so I left this one on for 2 days lol

Moving on...I did this sometime in December, saw it on the LOVELY Deez Nails blog and fell in love!

These were for a friends wedding.  I wanted something dark because she did get married in December and then I needed glitter (of course...).

This next one I saw this design on Rina's Site and thought it was super cute!  I did all my nails but this was the best one lol

Next on the first attempt at sponging...again around Christmas as I'm sure you can tell lol

Not too sure what I was going for here...I used Happy Birthday on this one though...

Ok, after looking through these I see what a copy cat I am lol  This design was orignally on The Daily Nail which is where I started to get my cravings from!

This next picture is just straight glitter.  I did this for a friend who ADORES glitter, this one was for you Mandy!

Next up, Halloween nails, I loved these and left them on for 2 days as well!

After seeing it online I had to try to water marble...I loved it.  This was for my Alma Maters BIG game week.

I did Lemons and Limes on this one...and YES I'm in a tanning bed...using my cell phone.  I'd play on Facebook to pass time in there lol

Next!  Again, tanning time...

Ugh, these played out SO much cuter in my head.  Once they were done I thought they looked liked nautical flags, which is SO not what I was going for...

These were a personal favorite...

Ehhh, not really loving these...

These next ones I re-did w/ ALL palm trees at a later date...the glitter was a NIGHTMARE to get off!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd whew!  That's all of them!  For anyone who is still reading and not sleeping from boredom, thank you!!!


  1. Oh my gosh...these are all awesome! I wish I could do stuff like that! I was going to come on here and say "I thought you were going to keep that one for a while" (Yesterday's Mani) but you already addressed that. Semi Obsessed? I think NOT! Totally obsessed you are! :D My fave of this post was the blue/white December icecicle ones...though, that Rudolph one above it was totally cute!

  2. Thanks Kim! I love doing these damn nails. I loved my Rudolph :) He took some time to get so cute lol Get your design ready so I can do yours some day!!!