Friday, January 7, 2011

So last night I went to Walgreens and Rite Aid.  I managed to pick up 11 bottles alone last night, BUT...I only spent $17.00 on all of them! 
Walgreens had a bunch of Borghese on sale, as well as Wet and Wild for dirt cheap.  I spent $8.71 on 6 bottles total.  One Borghese, which I got Stellare Notte for $2.19.  This is a really pretty purple, blue, silver...beautiful mess of colors!  I got 5 Wet and Wilds, 4 of them were $1.09 and the one was $.50.  I picked up Goldmine, Shield, Jade, Nocturnal and Lust. 

As I was on my way home in the mess that is known as an Ohio winter...I stopped off at Rite Aid as well.  I managed to pick up 4 bottles of Jessie's Girl polish and a lemming of mine Sally Hansen's Mystic Lilac.  The Jessie's Girls were only $1.99 a piece and the Sallys was $1.50 on sale. 

I just did my nails this evening with Jessie's Girl "Beach Baby".  After first applying it I thought it needed...something...and my "something" usually consists of glitter lol.  I did 4 coats of Beach Baby just to make sure there was no VNL and then one coat of China Glaze "Pom Pom".  I followed up with a coat of Seche Vite as well. 

The Jessie's Girl applied fine for me.  It was a little streaky but nothing horrible.  After staring at it for about an hour I decided it needed yet again, something else...  This I copied straight from my first follower Erika, from Chloe's Nails Yaaaaa!  Her "shredded" mani was something I've been wanting to try and this seemed like the perfect time to go for it :)

Now, I'm going to try and post some pictures...let's see how they come out.  I have some from my iPhone and some from my camera...I'm not all snazzy and set up with a photo box or anything so my backgrounds will change lol. 

These were both taken with my iPhone, and seemed to turn out ok :)

Now that I've made my first post with pictures (yaaaaaaaa!!!!!) I'm gonna go and browse all the new posts on the blogs I stalk.  Have a great night all and enjoy your weekend!


  1. I love that design! Too bad I don't live closer to you cuz I could beg you to do mine. LOL Oh, and I never knew you worked at Time Warner. I think I can't be your friend anymore. Booo. LOL :)

  2. Kim, I'd SO do your nails for ya! Ya, I've been at TWC for about 3 1/2 yrs :) I only do NE Ohio and Western PA tho so I didn't mess your stuff up lol <3 ya!

  3. LOL Ok then. Friendship back on :p Hahahahaha :) Nah, they aren't so bad. Sprint is really chapping my hide right now though.