Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stash Pictures...

Right before Christmas hubby bought me a Rubbermaid tote thing, that is meant for ornaments but it's pretty much a perfect polish bottle height.  I have two pictures for you.  One, this was taken the night he loaded my polishes for me into it...and I wanna say this was the week before Christmas?  Then, the 2nd picture I just took right now.  I have cut myself off until Valentines Day 100%!  The ONLY polish I'm willing to buy is the crackle from the Katy Perry collection.  I DO have my free Zoyas coming, but those are free!!! lol  I have to cut myself off! 

                                                            A week before Christmas...


I will be doing a new mani today, even though I'm in love w/ my rhinestones!  I have more of them so I may re-do that mani at a later date...

More later...


  1. Oh My. LOL I aspire to be you!

  2. aren't those things AWESOME?!?!?! I bought them right at the beginning of December, and they are FANTASTIC for storing polish!!! I think if I get 2 more sets, all of my polish will fit in them. as it is now, I have those two filled, 3 caboodles, and 2 makeup bags...I have a polish addiction!

  3. Kim, I'm tellin' ya, I'll do yours for you when you come visit to clean my house ;)

    Jen, I adore this container, tho I don't have the stash you do apparently lol THANK YOU for following me bytheway :)