Saturday, June 1, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust Swatchfest

I got all of the new Pixies because for once I actually loved all of the colors.  I have a few of OPI Liquid Sands which to be honest, I only really love one of them.  These, I didn't even want to take them off to keep swatching!  There are six of these beauties!

First up we have Solange.  I'm usually not a yellow fan or a gold fan for that matter.  But, this was kind of in between and had a LOT of bling with it!  This is two coats with no top coat to show the texture.  

Up next is Beatrix.  I love orange polish and this had such a good sparkle to it!  This is two coats as well.  One thing I notice about these pixies is the formula!  These go on really smooth and coat well.  This was my second favorite of the group.

Destiny is up next.  She is a super beautiful coral color.  Destiny also went on like a dream with two coats.  This was the first I bought of the set and what made me go back and buy ALL of the others.  

Zoya describes Miranda is a Rose/Mauve.  This color had really good sparkle in it.  I again used two coats.  I could have maybe done one more, but I didn't really feel it needed it.  Also I didn't feel this bad boy would have ever needed a top coat!

Next up is Stevie.  For some reason this was my least favorite.  I think I like the brighter colors with more glitter?  This was two coats, and I probably could have gotten away with one.  This light purple would be good for spring.

Last up, and personally my favorite, is Liberty!  I did three coats on this one, just to make sure I got full coverage but I think I would have been fine with 2.  This is a deep amazing blue that sparkles like no other!  This color was borrowed by a dear friend of mine, Jen, who was going to kidnap it!

This collection is one of my favorite.  I don't have a lot of collections that I buy the whole group, but this one I did for sure.  I didn't buy them all to start out with, but after trying one or two I had to go back and buy them.  Do any of you have this group of pretties?  Which ones are your favorites?


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