Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My birthday gift from my Bestie and "my office"

Today I have a special post because these amazing polishes were brought for me for my birthday and they are my favorite co-worker ever!  She has become like a sister to me and I love her to death!  xoxo Jen

Jen and I started working together last year.  She saw my obsession with polish and kept telling me she wishes she didn't bite her nails so she could do them cute.  I gave her a really thick rubber band to wear around her wrist and every time we saw her bite her nails, we would tell her and she would have to snap the rubber band really hard on the inside of her wrist!  It hurt, so it took her about 2 days to stop lol  

Jen always was wearing this really pretty pink and every time I'd see it, I would tell her how much I liked it.  Every time she would say "Erin, its Jolene...AGAIN!"  So for my birthday she bought me Jolene and a new pretty, Minnie Style.  I'm really glad she got me these two.  Her and I try to have weekly date nights, either Mexican food, or nail and wine night, which for me last time consisted of Seagrams and her smoking on my porch lol

My loves at work take care of me and love me lots because I also got a gift certificate to my favorite beauty supply store, as well as my drinks paid for the evening we all went out AND a Bath and Body Works gift set!  

This is my "Moon Pie Mani", dedicated to MY moon pie, Jen!  This is two coats of Jolene and 2 light coats of Minnie Style, followed by my love Seche Vite top coat.  

Back to how I was explaining our "date nights".  I figured I would post pictures of where this takes place.  I have a amazing glass table with pink legs, a pink chair with a pink light for my desk, two pink helmers and 2 pink baby trash cans, all from Ikea (you know, to let out my inner 12 year old).  I also have a desk lamp there as well, actually that is from Ikea as well!  When she comes over, we turn the table sideways, drag one of my kitchen chairs in and sit across from each other. 

Right now I know I am over 500 polishes, with last count at 511, but I KNOW I've added more since.  Maybe a re-count is in order this weekend.  Below is the picture of "my office"!  

Do you have a certain place you do your nails or someplace that you can go and be alone with your fumes?  Ha, hope you have a amazing evening!


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