Monday, May 2, 2011

Ok so...

I suck lol  I haven't taken any pictures of my latest mani's...I have obtained a RIDICULOUS amount of polish over the past week tho!  I have some pictures of those to show you...

I am now on a NO BUY until June 1st.  I have to be!  I went from 189 polishes to 230 something in less than a month.  I'm a mess lol

Below are some haul pictures thanks to hubby taking the pictures for me...Sad thing is...these are not all of them! 

These are not in order at all...first up we have 2 new polishes from Ulta...BL Victoriana and a Pop polish called turquoise.  I went up to Ulta I think 1 or 2 weeks ago for the sale and I didn't see the BL's.  But again, I wasn't really LOOKING for them.  When we got home I was like "oh shit I never looked!"  So we went out for dinner the other night and stopped by again.  I saw the BL's this time and spent time debating between All Hail the Queen or Victoriana.  I went w/ the later.  While I was crouched down drooling over the BL's these REALLY bright Pop polishes caught my eye as well!  I went RIGHT to the turquoise one.  Anyways, here ya go...

This next picture is where I went nuts lol  I saw on that a salon owner had gone out of business and was selling about 24 NEW OPIs.  I contacted her and she wanted 72$ for all of them.  Not a bad deal.  She also gave me I think 4 Zoya's and 2 NOPIs!  I offered her 65$ and she took it!  Yaaaaa!  Some are dupes to what I have, so those will go in my give-a-way I plan on doing soon.

Last up (I think) I have my small haul from Walgreens!

Whew!  I'm done!  I am now on a month of untrieds!  Off to get ready for work now, hope you enjoyed!


  1. you got a great deal on the lot from craigslist!

  2. OMG what a deal you got on those polishes!! Love your blog! Just became a follower too!
    We would love for you to check out our blog and follow back if you like :-)
    Jayme & Mendi

  3. Wait u found these on craiglist? AMAZING

  4. Great deal!!
    I love your blog. Check out mine? Im just getting started. :D